The Founder

Amy Jackson

Amy Jackson is an award-winning artist, obsessed with the art of memory and the weight that the past has on our present.

"Everything tells a story, from treasured possessions to fragments of tatter. The objects we choose to surround ourselves with each have a history. Whilst they may seem worthless they are in fact the physical fibres that represent our existence, they are tangible representations of a memory. Unlike the bleak reality of the destructible and the discarded our memories and material fragments remain ideal, unharmed savoury illusions of perfection."

As a collector and hoarder of all things once-loved Amy produced an extensive body of work before founding Lost Found and Loved Again to give vintage treasures and old gems a new purpose, a new home and a new lease of life. She wanted to give artists and designers who appreciated the value of rediscovered treasures a voice and share their unique creations with the world.