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What is Lost Found and Loved Again?

Back in 1917 Duchamp revolutionised modern art with a simple urinal, or 'Fountain' as he liked to call it. Suddenly, we had the Readymade, and art and design changed forever.

It's a fact of life that history repeats itself; art, fashion and design are no exceptions. Across the streets of London, Paris and New York – fashionistas are clad in vintage gear and you only have to take a peek in their houses to see that their interiors are no different. When you purchase a vintage piece, you are getting something that cannot be found at every chain store by the thousands. It is a limited edition item, just for you.

However, we at Lost Found and Loved Again like to keep ahead of the trend and now that the masses are rocking the vintage look we think it's time for something new. We are a collection of independent artists who scour the globe for lost, discarded or abandoned gems and turn them into something unique, rejuvenated, reworked and ready to be loved again.


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