On Minute Silence : Waves

£50.00 from Amy Jackson

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Dimensions are 40cm x 30cm

Everyday we are bombarded by sound. Background noise is the ground of our perception, absolutely uninterrupted; it is our perennial sustenance, the element of the software of all our logic. Hearing is a model of understanding and a method for memory. These single minutes of silence are recorded fragments of time from innumerable places. As soon as the piece is realised the sounds no longer correspond to the time at all. They suffer a death, trapped in a past present, which can never be relived or realised, only relayed. This print depicts one of the 300 One Minute Silences. Each image is one-of-a-kind. To enquire any of the other images in the series please email amy@lostfoundandlovedagain.com

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