Amy Jackson | Notable Shows

In 2005 Amy secured a place to read Fine Art at the Ruskin, Oxford University. It was at this time that her pieces began to revolve around themes of obsessive compulsive disorder and were thus extensive and meticulous by nature.

The first piece in this series of work, 'every 'a'' began with a collection of newspapers from which she hand cut every letter 'a' from all 27 copies. A dark photographic collection of the doctored newspapers won the Kevin Slingsby Prize in 2006.

It was unclear whether the art was the effect or in fact cause of obsessive tendencies but each piece became more extreme than the previous. In a self made studio box which fitted only Amy's dimensions to the millimetre she began to document and collect traces from moments throughout her life; a tea bag, cinema stub or scrap of paper are just examples of the 2,370 traces she hoarded.

After a serious injury left her bed bound she sat motionless, staring at little other than fragments and traces of past memories. From her bed she devised a number system that described the objects perfectly and a mathematical formula which allowed her to draw entire months using only a pencil and protractor. She created 'August', a 12 foot long drawing and a room constructed from coordinates of string which described the month of September 2006 called 'Journey'.

This body of work prompted Amy to win the Oxford University Press (OUP), Priye Commission in 2007 for which she wrote a book documenting the history of the printing press and created a similar system to produce a large architectural drawing and installation.

In 2008 her body of work, 'Clean' prompted her to be invited to enter Big Brother Celebrity Hijack as 'The Conceptual Artist.' Here she won an interrogation task with Andy McNab and used a large amount of the prize money to collect over 1,000 Times Newspapers. With these she produced 723 individual bricks which she built into 'House'. A 5'8" x 5'8" cube which was later exhibited at and sold to the Warneford Hospital Oxford.

On leaving university, Amy worked as an Art Director before moving into business strategy and marketing management. She is currently working on a four-year project, 'Home' and whilst doing so, saw a developing market for like-minded artists and designers who alone may not have had the time or the inclination to market their creations. This idea prompted her to launch a collective called 'Lost Found and Loved Again' where the art of memory could once again produce something beautiful.